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Individual Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprint America provides ink-rolled fingerprinting to all individuals who need quality fingerprinting services done professionally.

We Have FD-258 Cards Available Here.

  • Any In-State Job Applicants that require ink-rolled prints
  • All Out-of-State Applications, Licensing, and Permits that require ink-rolled prints
  • Immigrations, Peace Corps, DOD Clearance, FINRA
  • Personal F.B.I. Background Checks
  • Any Other Profession Requiring Governmental or Licensing Fingerprints

Quick, Easy, and Convenient. Most sessions last between 15 and 20 minutes.

  • Ink-Rolled Fingerprinting Appointment fee $50.00 plus $12.00 for each card rolled + tax (up to 8 cards in one session).
  • Copies (scan masters) of original cards after the first (2 )original cards (for people requiring multiple cards for multiple licenses or similar type applications) - $9.00 + tax

We also have ELECTRONIC/LiveScan fingerprinting services that apply only to limited applications for New York residents. Please check your situation to see if an FBI Criminal History Report sent electronically directly to you only would work in lieu of getting fingerprinted on hard cards. These reports are FBI authenticated and include the FBI seal accordingly. If obtaining your own certified background check on the FBI authenticated paper is acceptable, register online as instructed below, then bring in your payment receipt with your 6 digit payment code for us to complete your LiveScan process – no appointment necessary for this for LiveScan electronic printing.

For ELECTRONIC/LiveScan fingerprinting services you MUST first visit: www.applicantservices.com and click begin processing, then click new user to create an account and to enter your information accordingly. Once the entries are completed and the service is paid in full you will receive and need to print one piece of paper with your PAYMENT CODE/receipt. Go to the applicable service center and bring the receipt with your CODE for technician to complete your services. This will only take minutes and a link for your Authenticated FBI criminal history report will be sent to your email, we guarantee within 2 days via secure service, but often is sent in a matter of minutes after leaving our offices pending the release process of the FBI channeler, Biometrics4ALL.com.

We work directly in conjunction with Biometrics4ALL. Biometrics4ALL is of course an approved FBI Channeler providing LiveScan processing services via the ApplicantServices.com website.

The cost of this service is $47.00

Fingerprint America realizes and respects your busy lifestyle. Our staff will do everything we can to make the inconvenience of fingerprinting service requirements adaptable to meet your needs.

We are conveniently located in the Capital Gate Insurance plaza at
1843 Central Avenue, Albany New York 12205.
(Parking is on the side of insurance company with the big green flags on the roof – sign on the side of that building marked for fingerprinting services entrance).


Fingerprint America offers Individual ink-rolled Fingerprinting on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons only.

To make your appointment, you MUST email:

Indicate in your email what day/time area works best and we'll confirm via return email reply.

Fingerprinting Services for rolled prints are by schedule and appointment ONLY Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and generally go from 3:15 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. with appointments every 15 minutes.

Local telephone (518) 435-1609 / Toll Free (888) 372-1999