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Fingerprint America has been creating award-winning Child Identification Kits and Safety Products now for over 20 years! Originally our fingerprinting ID kit was created with help in part from a specialist at the New York State Division of Criminal Justice, Dr. Michael Baden. Since the late 90’s we have produced these ID kits for thousands of law enforcement agencies, civic organizations, and companies across the United States to use in their programs at schools, fairs and other events.

The BULLYFREE Kit, the Child ID kit, and all of the safety kits we offer are virtually the most cost-effective, compact, and comprehensive products used to promote child safety and BULLYFREE communities in the U.S. All of our kits are light weight and easy to use and distribute to parents in your community. We are the original providers of customized Child Safety kits.

Child Identification and Safety Products

Are you planning a community event? Maybe you’re in law enforcement, a civic organization, or corporate entity and need a new way to reach the parents in your community to promote and bring awareness to child safety…
We can help. Our customized Child Identification Kits and Safety Products are approved by law enforcement, and used by Law Enforcement, Corporations, Civic Organizations, Schools and by parents nationwide!

We can custom imprint your name and logo on any of our safety products, or even create private label products to your specifications! Want to keep it simple? Our stock products are always available for immediate delivery to accommodate your events.

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