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The ChoicePrint Identification Kit is the upgraded version of our basic child identification kit. ChoicePrint Identification like its counterpart child identification kit is also a very complete, confidential and an inexpensive means to create a comprehensive personal record of a child. This kit too is one of the best ways to record a child’s vital identification information and to also promote your department or organization by being directly involved in your community with this program. Like our base Child Identification Kit as the original and by far the most popular and comprehensive Child ID Kit on the market, ChoicePrint Kit offers a premium upgrade to a more contemporary design with a smooth, brilliant white 65lb. heavy duty paper stock. It also utilizes bright color panels in design and is inserted in a superior thick plastic sleeve for added durability. The kit is very inexpensive, and it does include everything you will need as far as a child’s pertinent data in the event of an emergency including a non-toxic ink strip in each kit. As a proven tool to promote child safety and awareness our kit is the number one choice used by law enforcement across the United States, hands down! Fingerprint America has been creating award-winning child safety products now for over 20 years!

Each Choiceprint Child Identification Kit Includes:

  1. Physical information including height, weight, eye color, and hair color.
  2. Dental chart (to be completed by child’s dentist).
  3. Space for a recent photograph.
  4. Personal information including child’s name, address, social security number, and names and phone numbers of close family and relatives.
  5. Fingerprinting chart, complete with non-toxic, peel-apart ink strip.
  6. Medical information such as blood type, medications, and phone numbers of child’s doctor and dentist for quick reference.
  7. Space to attach strands of hair (for use as a DNA sample).
  8. Plastic protective sleeve for safe keeping and storage.
  9. Your Custom Imprinted Logo prominently displayed on the front cover.
  10. Custom imprint area is 3.25” wide X 2.5” tall.
  11. Actual size is 3.66” wide X 5.66” tall when folded and is inserted into a 4” X 6” plastic protective sleeve.
  12. Allow 2 weeks on custom orders for delivery
  13. Available in English only
  14. RUSH charge of 5% with additional shipping cost can be opted for orders that need to be received in under 10 business days for an event or to meet a deadline

PROUDLY DISPLAY YOUR LOGO ON THE FRONT COVER OF EACH KIT (custom imprint on orders over 300 pieces) or FPA stock ID kit logo for orders under the minimum will be imprinted.

For orders over 50,000 units please call for quote


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